How To Do Your Part To Make Retiring In Ecuador More Secure


As depressing as it may be, there is really no safe place anymore. You need to remember that when you are retiring in Ecuador. You are as safe here as you are back in your home country. If crimes can happen back home, the same can also happen in Ecuador.

This is the reason why people should start to be vigilant for their own good. Protecting yourself and your family will start from you. Although we can always rely on the local police and the authorities, the first step to achieve protection will depend on you.

This is probably what the Ministry of the Interior and National Police is thinking when they created this program. The officials of the said ministry presented a new citizen’s manual that discusses how local communities can

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Exploring Ecuador: What Lies Between Cuenca And Quito?


If you really want to go exploring Ecuador, do not just focus on destinations. You have to relish even what lies in between them.

Two of the most popular cities in the country are Cuenca and Quito. Both of these are must see cities when you are travelling to Ecuador. But even if your itinerary includes a visit of these two great cities, it is also important that you take time to explore what can be found when you are travelling from one to the other.

This is what this article is all about. If you know that you will visit both Quito and Cuenca, you need to be aware of what you can explore in between. After all, the greatest of adventures do not happen in your destination – it is

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ndean Drinks You Might Want To Try While Exploring Ecuador


Exploring Ecuador in the Andes region is a popular choice for tourists and expats because of the weather. The spring-like conditions in this place is very appealing. Part of the experience, however, is enjoying the food and drinks in this country – specifically in the Andes region.
3 drinks in the Andes region that you should try

Most of the time, people who comes to visit this country intend to enjoy the local cuisine. If you really want to experience the culture of this country, you should try the local drinks. If you are travelling around the Andes region, there are three drink that you absolutely have to try.

The first is the Morocho Dulce or Morocho De Leche. Called morocho by the locals, this is a thick sweet drink that is

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International Banking While Living In Ecuador


Living in Ecuador requires you to think about how you will be storing your money. Regardless if you will be working here or receiving your pension from your home country, knowing your banking options will help keep your finances secure. Not only should you be concerned about safety, you should also think about accessibility and convenience. You do not want to have problems accessing your money when you need it the most.

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of choices when it comes to your banking options in Ecuador. You just have to think about what your banking needs are so you can choose the right institution that can meet them.

What you need to know about global banking when you are in Ecuador

International banking is not as complicated as you

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How To Have A Happy Retirement In Ecuador


A happy retirement is influenced by a lot of things. You need to have the finances to help you support your everyday needs. Your retirement fund is something that you prepare beforehand so you do not have to work when you are past the average retirement age – which is 65 years old for Americans.

You also want to have a healthy body or at least, have access to healthcare that will allow you to treat any physical pains that comes with the natural deterioration of our bodies. That includes quality medical facilities, affordable medicines and competent medical doctors and professionals.

Lastly, you want to be able to live a lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself. That includes the right home in the right neighborhood. A home is very important because

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Information About Real Estate in Ecuador

Ecuador is starting to get a lot of attention for the past few years, there was a time when investors never wanted to put their money in Ecuador due to many different issues, this is no longer the case because the country has started to offer many things to foreign investors. If you are an investor who specializes in real estate, then Ecuador will prove to be a really great place. You will be able to buy a lot more properties at the same price as compared to other countries. The pricing of the various properties in Ecuador can be judged simply by the fact that you can get a 2 acre land with a 2 bedroom house in the countryside at price of $60,000 which is

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Real Estate Price in Cuenca

Manta, Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador is a really great place especially for retirees, it was named the best retirement haven in the world in 2009 and there are many reasons for that. The country is still a developing state, it has a slow growth rate but that does not stop many people from investing in the country. It has proved to be a really nice venue for foreign investors who like the fact that many different properties can be bought in Ecuador at a really low price. As compared to many other countries, people can buy more property in the same amount which would buy

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Real Estate In Ecuador, Things You Should Know

Manta Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador is a country that has many things to offer, it is a middle income nation and is still a developing state. Almost 35% of the population of Ecuador lives below the poverty line, the country’s main profit and revenue comes from agriculture, timber, gold, export of marine and petroleum products. The only major negative point that stops investors to step foot in Ecuador is the fact that it has a really slow growth rate. However, some investors see this as an opportunity, many foreign investors have started to invest in Ecuador and for many reasons.

First of all, the

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Guidelines Related to Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador is a perfect place for you to invest in terms of property, the reason is that the once you invest in Ecuador real estate you will be recognized as the permanent resident of this country whose economy is growing each passing day., According to the law of Ecuador if you invest in the Ecuador real estate and purchase a property or home worth $25000 then the positive result for you would be permanent residency of Ecuador.

Guidelines for Ecuador real estate Property Purchase:

  • Once you land in Ecuador the first thing which you should do to find good property in Ecuador real

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Retiring In Ecuador Is Once Again Hailed As The Best In The World

The votes are in and retiring in Ecuador is once again in the top spot this 2015.

Each year, releases their list of the best retirement destinations in the world. For the past 5 years before 2014, Ecuador have been branded as the top retirement place. In 2014, Panama claimed the top spot but only by a small lead. In fact, the site explained that being second place did not mean Ecuador’s appeal declined. It only meant that Panama made a lot of improvements that helped them take the lead last year.

In 2015, however, the crown is once again awarded to Ecuador and there are many justifications to that.

Reasons why Ecuador is once again the best retirement destination in the world

So what makes retiring in Ecuador the best

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